[Loadstone] Some Development questions of a parcialy greenhorn

J. jbslists at online-rudel.net
Tue Aug 30 07:27:56 BST 2011

Hi Listers,

I intend to have a look on the source of LS, to see, what I
can do for the project - if I can do anything. I'm fameliar
with programming in several languages and plattforms, but
two basics for LS are missing yet. But for some of You the
answers to following questions may bee easy to give.

1. Whitch C++ IDE is best to install on W7 to view and
compile the existing project and/or do my first steps?

2. Whitch furthor plugins or librarys are to bee installed
in addition?

If there is a tutorial, that answers this questins in an
easy to understand way - not the one on the relating nokia
site, whitch allways writes about QT - just let me know.

Many thanks already now 



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