[Loadstone] Again: Loadstone on Nokia E6

Miranda miranda.ter.hofstede at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 13:10:53 BST 2011

Hello all,

For those who are interested to know, I would like to confirm that Loadstone 
works very well on the Nokia E6, running Symbian Anna.

I tested most important functionalities of Loadstone, like importing and 
exporting databases, adding new points, using checkpoints and locked point, 
auto-announcing etc. Everything worked as expected and you can perform all 
Loadstone key commands using both the qwerty keyboard or the touch screen 
when Mobile Speak is in keypad mode. I didn't have the possibility to test 
with Talks.

So, if you use Mobile Speak and would like to get a new Symbian Anna phone, 
you will probably be able to continue using Loadstone.
Don't worry if, on installation, the phone says the program is not 
compatible and asks if you still want to install. Just press "yes" and all 
will go fine.


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