[Loadstone] Real navigation

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Thu Apr 28 18:05:12 BST 2011

As we know, the only tool with built-in turn-by-turn navigation for the blind - Wayfinder Access - is no longer to be developed for Symbian.
As for now, there is no alternative, except for Ovi Maps, which is accessible only partially, is not very accurate in some regions, and is not available for all symbian phones or screenreader vversions.
Going through the specific route with turn-by-turn navigation seems to be the basic functionality of any navigational aid.
Well, luckily, in Loadstone you can use "Start logging" to record a route;
you can virtually playback this route;
you can take advantage of online tools such as Breadcrumb Generator or Track to Route Generator, in order to convert this kind of log into checkpoints enriched with directional comments;
with the same tools you can reverse your checkpoints.
However, it requires an advanced computer knowledge, an amount of equipment (PC), additional software (online tools installed), and a lot of time.
BUt while travelling, or without access to your PC, or if you are a beginner in Loadstone, you may encounter problems with such help.
Here comes my question:
Are there near plans to implement route navigation directly into Loadstone?
Maybe the time is working on functionality of following a recorded route?
It would certainly make Loadstone more useful, popular and helpful for the blind, than ever before.
Maybe we (as a list) could help the programmers and collect some ideas on how to make it work?
Thanks for any info (the more optimistic - the better).

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