[Loadstone] How to stop the screen saver activating when Loadstone is running on a Nokia 6210 Navigator

John Robinson jbr100uk at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 19:01:40 BST 2011

Hi Shawn and thanks very much for the suggestion.  I had tried disabling 
the automatic key lock, but had never thought to set Loadstone's 'Screen 
Keep Awake' timeout to five seconds less than the screen saver's 
timeout.  If I do this and disable the automatic key lock, I'm sure 
that'll solve my problem.



On 26/04/11 01:08, Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:
> This may not be the screen saver but the automatic key lock. If it 
> only happens when you close the slide then this is probably the case. 
> Just disable automatic key lock in your phone's settings. If it were 
> the screen saver then your phone will still responde as soon as you 
> hit a key. If it's the key lock then you'll have to either open the 
> slide or hit the unlock key combination to get keys to responde again. 
> Automatic key lock can be confusing since it can make it look like 
> your phone has just stopped responding to keys. To prevent the screen 
> saver from activating when using loadstone just set loadstone's screen 
> keep awake timeout to 5 seconds or so shorter than your screen saver's 
> timeout. I think the screen saver can only be set to 90 seconds at 
> maximum so set it to this and set the timeout in loadstone to 85 
> seconds and you should have no more problems.
> On Sun, 24 Apr 2011, John Robinson wrote:
>> Hi everyone.  I've recently started to use Loadstone with a Nokia 
>> 6210 Navigator and a Royaltek bluetooth GPS receiver.  I am currently 
>> using the headset which came with the Nokia 6210, although I am 
>> considering purchasing a Bluetooth speaker in the future.  Loadstone 
>> works very well on my 6210, so long as I use it with the slide open.  
>> If I ever close the slide - which I have to do in order to put the 
>> phone in my pocket, the screen saver activates in about 30 seconds 
>> and Talks does not speak any more until I open the slide again.  I 
>> have been reading about Loadstone's 'Screen Keep Awake' function, but 
>> this does not prevent the screen saver from activating on my phone, 
>> as the Loadstone manual suggests it should.  If anyone can offer any 
>> advice as to how to overcome this issue, I would very much appreciate 
>> it.
>> Regards,
>> John
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