[Loadstone] How to stop the screen saver activating when Loadstone is running on a Nokia 6210 Navigator

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Apr 26 01:08:11 BST 2011

This may not be the screen saver but the automatic key lock. If it only 
happens when you close the slide then this is probably the case. Just 
disable automatic key lock in your phone's settings. If it were the screen 
saver then your phone will still responde as soon as you hit a key. If 
it's the key lock then you'll have to either open the slide or hit the 
unlock key combination to get keys to responde again. Automatic key lock 
can be confusing since it can make it look like your phone has just 
stopped responding to keys. To prevent the screen 
saver from activating when using loadstone just set loadstone's screen keep 
awake timeout to 5 seconds or so shorter than your screen saver's timeout. I 
think the screen saver can only be set to 90 seconds at maximum so set it to 
this and set the timeout in loadstone to 85 seconds and you should have no 
more problems.

On Sun, 24 Apr 2011, John Robinson wrote:

> Hi everyone.  I've recently started to use Loadstone with a Nokia 6210 
> Navigator and a Royaltek bluetooth GPS receiver.  I am currently using the 
> headset which came with the Nokia 6210, although I am considering purchasing 
> a Bluetooth speaker in the future.  Loadstone works very well on my 6210, so 
> long as I use it with the slide open.  If I ever close the slide - which I 
> have to do in order to put the phone in my pocket, the screen saver activates 
> in about 30 seconds and Talks does not speak any more until I open the slide 
> again.  I have been reading about Loadstone's 'Screen Keep Awake' function, 
> but this does not prevent the screen saver from activating on my phone, as 
> the Loadstone manual suggests it should.  If anyone can offer any advice as 
> to how to overcome this issue, I would very much appreciate it.
> Regards,
> John
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