[Loadstone] How to stop the screen saver activating when Loadstone is running on a Nokia 6210 Navigator

John Robinson jbr100uk at gmail.com
Sun Apr 24 23:05:51 BST 2011

Hi everyone.  I've recently started to use Loadstone with a Nokia 6210 
Navigator and a Royaltek bluetooth GPS receiver.  I am currently using 
the headset which came with the Nokia 6210, although I am considering 
purchasing a Bluetooth speaker in the future.  Loadstone works very well 
on my 6210, so long as I use it with the slide open.  If I ever close 
the slide - which I have to do in order to put the phone in my pocket, 
the screen saver activates in about 30 seconds and Talks does not speak 
any more until I open the slide again.  I have been reading about 
Loadstone's 'Screen Keep Awake' function, but this does not prevent the 
screen saver from activating on my phone, as the Loadstone manual 
suggests it should.  If anyone can offer any advice as to how to 
overcome this issue, I would very much appreciate it.



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