[Loadstone] Why loadstone doesn't consider ways?

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Tue Sep 21 18:23:19 BST 2010

To avoid conflicting interpretations, let me state: loadstone is a great 

Nevertheless my current tests for routes in dense areas in the city with 
much ways and at places, where a route can turn around and go parallel 
to another part of the same route for longer distances.
If that's the case and the route file does not contain intermediate 
points, loadstone fails at navigating along the route.

Navit, a free (car+) navigation software and most commercial software(?) 
takes more effort on tracking the gps signals, interpreting it more 
sophisticated. It interpolates small differences, stores the last 
direction interpreted as secure due to measured speed and so on.

Neccessary to do that is to store the ways itself in the map data, no 
point cloudes like loadstone uses.

I would like to know why loadstone goes the simple dotted way instead of 
the lined one.

Is it the limited ressources availlable at most mobile phones?
Is it, because nobody thought about it when loadstone development started?
Is it, because nobody imagined complete map data like openstreetmap to 
be availlable?

I ask this question because I wonder, why there are more free navigation 
systems going the same way as loadstone.

I interpret the results of my test, that the other way around could 
provide more precision to navigation tasks without the need of highly 
sophisticated hardware like DGPS or other additional stuff.


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