[Loadstone] checkpoint distance

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Wed Sep 15 18:33:15 BST 2010

I try to create checkpoint route files currently.
My test file used distances between points of 5 meters and - my first 
test file - distances as given by the openstreetmap data (nodes 
describing the street- usually at least one node per direction change 
and intersection)

5 meters I considered as too much nodes, the screenreader repeatingly 
started reading "Ankunft " and part of the first name-sibling, but never 
speaking the whole content, because the next point is announced before 
(German "Ankunft" is arrival in English - not sure what's the word used 
in English loadstone).

My question is: what's known as good smallest distance between points to 
avoid that behaviour?

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