[Loadstone] Checkpoints

Sean Randall seanr at randylaptop.com
Sat Sep 11 12:28:40 BST 2010


Loadstone will only announce checked points.  You can still use it without
checking them but you'll have to press the keys for the closest point, or to
find a point in a given direction.

You 'can' save checkpoints and load them later, though, so when you've done
it once it's easier than having to check the ones you want in the future.


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  This morning I went on a bus to a destination. I had entered the exact 
location into the Loadstone. For some reason the Loadstone missed the point.

I have noticed, if I find a point, that I need to check it. Is it not 
possible to have all points checked without having to find them and 
check first?

Best regards,

Arnthor Helgason

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