[Loadstone] Converting streetmaps

Arnþór Helgason arnthor.helgason at simnet.is
Thu Sep 9 22:46:01 BST 2010

I have tried to convert an OSM-map to a Loadstone map by typing an address. A file, "Map.osm" was downloaded. When I went to the streetmap converter and tried to convert the map the message "Nothing to process" or a similar message was presented.

You are asked to enter the number of km to a box after fillinng inn the address. How exact should that be?
What is the ending of the new file?

I have also noticed that it is possible to convert Nokia maps. How relevant is it to convert a map of i.e. the whole Reykjavik area to a Lodstone map?

Best regards,

Arnthor Helgason

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