[Loadstone] Google direction Generator for loadstone

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Sep 9 08:19:41 BST 2010

The 'server side error' means that something went wrong with the 
preparation of the checkpoint file for download. This might happen if you 
have made changes to the contents of the archive (renamed or moved a 
directory). Please unzip the archive and run 'loadstone.exe' without 


At 9-9-2010, you wrote:
>Hi there
>I just downloaded your offline tools to see what was in it.  I used to use 
>something like this where I could put in my starting address and the 
>ending address and it would give me directions to get there along with 
>checkpoints that it would read out telling me to turn right or left etc 
>top my destination.
>Is this meant to do the same thing?  It gives me directions to get there 
>but not a checkpoint list that I can download to my phone to get me 
>there.  Is there another step that I am missing out to get the checkpoints?
>And it also gave me a message saying
>A server-side error in the route generator has been encountered, please 
>contact the Loadstone GPS t
>Any help would be great  or would this be albe to be fixed up.
>Thanks Gene
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