[Loadstone] Installing Lodestone

Stephen Giggar sgiggar at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 3 10:11:07 BST 2010

Sounds like your phone may be locking the keypad? Did you try sliding down 
the key on the side of the phone to lock/unlock the keypad?

Do you have a trial/full license of Talks on your phone? It may be timeing 
out, but I don't think this is the issue. sounds like  the phone is auto 

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>I now have my N 86.
> I got sighted help to install my Talks but am experiencing difficulty
> installing the Lodestone application, in fact any application.
> What happens is
> 1. I connect the N 86
> 2. I select PC Suite mode  on the phone.
> 3. I run the Nokia application manager on the PC .
> 4. I navigate to the Lodestone.sis file and execute it.
> 5. a message comes up  telling  me to finish the application on the phone.
> The only button is a cancel button.
> 6. This is the difficult part- when I switch to the phone it has become
> completely silent and there is no feedback from Talks at all. I have tried
> pushing the select key but nothing appears to happen.
> 7. the only way I can regain Talks speech feedback is to turn the phone 
> off
> and on again.
> The Nokia application installer works as it has installed Talks, Eloquence
> and another application. However someone sighted did this for me.
> Is it only possible to install Lodestone with sighted help?
> Regards
> David Griffith.
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