[Loadstone] Installing Lodestone

David Griffith d.griffith at btinternet.com
Fri Sep 3 07:49:47 BST 2010

I now have my N 86.
I got sighted help to install my Talks but am experiencing difficulty
installing the Lodestone application, in fact any application.
What happens is 
1. I connect the N 86
2. I select PC Suite mode  on the phone.
3. I run the Nokia application manager on the PC .
4. I navigate to the Lodestone.sis file and execute it.
5. a message comes up  telling  me to finish the application on the phone.
The only button is a cancel button.
6. This is the difficult part- when I switch to the phone it has become
completely silent and there is no feedback from Talks at all. I have tried
pushing the select key but nothing appears to happen.
7. the only way I can regain Talks speech feedback is to turn the phone off
and on again.

The Nokia application installer works as it has installed Talks, Eloquence
and another application. However someone sighted did this for me.
Is it only possible to install Lodestone with sighted help?


David Griffith.

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