[Loadstone] Changing the default database

Julie jbrew48 at verizon.net
Thu Oct 28 21:03:36 BST 2010

within the load stone program the second choice after functions is 
database.When you are home you want that to be called default because that 
is what you use most often.  When you are in a different area you can make 
data bases for each area and call it something else.  When you are in those 
areas just press the function 1 key and arrow down to database, clear and 
then load the one you want to use.

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> I've got my default database set as a copy of my local community, so that
> when I start Lodestone I'm ready to go. However when I travel to another
> region, I'm finding that I need to use the file manager to copy a 
> different
> database to the default file (overwrite the old file) so that it comes up
> when I launch Lodestone.
> I know that I can load any database when running Lodestone, but I find it
> time-consuming to have to load a region database every time I start the
> program when traveling in that area for a few days.
> Is there a way in the  Lodestone interface to open a database and 
> overwrite
> the default database, so that it is changed, without having to go into a
> file manager?
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