[Loadstone] Changing the default database

Farfar Carlson dgcarlson at sbcglobal.net
Thu Oct 28 20:42:01 BST 2010

I've got my default database set as a copy of my local community, so that 
when I start Lodestone I'm ready to go. However when I travel to another 
region, I'm finding that I need to use the file manager to copy a different 
database to the default file (overwrite the old file) so that it comes up 
when I launch Lodestone.

I know that I can load any database when running Lodestone, but I find it 
time-consuming to have to load a region database every time I start the 
program when traveling in that area for a few days.

Is there a way in the  Lodestone interface to open a database and overwrite 
the default database, so that it is changed, without having to go into a 
file manager?

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