[Loadstone] Great innovation^

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Oct 21 19:57:22 BST 2010

Actually this sight works fine in text browsers such as lynx so should work 
just fine with javascript disabled.
I wouldn't call this a recent innovation thoe since I was playing with this 
program in 2006 and it looks like it's been around since at least 2003.

On Thu, 21 Oct 2010, Charlie wrote:

> Gianfranco Giudice <g.giudice at balcab.ch> wrote:
>> www.seeingwithsound.com
> | ### Javascript must be enabled! ###
> No, thanks. JS is a fat security hole, I don't visit sites which try to
> treat me to enable JS. Nobody has to tell me how to configure my browser.
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