[Loadstone] getting maps

Josh Kennedy jkenn337 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 10 17:53:49 BST 2010


One of my major gripes with loadstone is how complex it is to get maps. 
I can certainly do it but it takes time and there are many steps. see my 
blog http://jkenn337.klangoblog.net for the steps. Why can't this 
process be simplified greatly?
Why not have a tool where you plug your phone into the computer, you 
enter your zipcode and tel it how wide an area you want, pick your 
source from a combo-box such as open streetmap hit the get map button. 
the program downloads the .osm file for you, converts it into a text 
database and then turns it into a loadstone binary database and then the 
program puts it into your phone for you. and the same program goes and 
fetches routes from groute and points of interest from groute and puts 
them in your phone for you. for a loadstone newbie getting maps and 
routes from groute can be a ver daunting task.

By the way is groute still up? what is the website for it? do I need a 
username and password, if so who do I contact? and please please make a 
tool to greatly simplify the installation of maps and routes into the 

Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com

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