[Loadstone] Thank You-Hike-Question

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Sun Oct 10 09:44:31 BST 2010

First, Thank you, Monty for your work getting Loadstone's website up and 
running.  The Loadstone team does quite a bit of work, particularly 
considering the free, open source nature of this product.

Second, I am back after hiking roughly seventeen hundred miles of the 
Appalachian Trail.  I had to cut the hike short to return to my home so I 
could investigate and hopefully take advantage of a business opportunity 
that will provide information in real time to people with visual impairments 
currently unavailable to us.  Loadstone could not have worked better!  One 
example should suffice.

I had someone with me to make a documentary.  That should be finished in a 
year or so.

Four days in a row, he insisted that his maps were less ambiguous than the 
GPS.  I decided to go along with him to prove him wrong.  It was easier and 
ultimately, more effective than arguing with him.  He was wrong four days in 
a row.

Third, what is the current address for the Google route generator?   I don't 
seem to have it at this time.

Thank You,

Mike Hanson



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