[Loadstone] transfering data from one phone to another

Norbert Müller nm-listen at millernorbert.de
Tue Nov 9 11:43:43 GMT 2010

Hi everyone,

The phone of my girlfriend suddenly quit working and had to be repaired. 
When it came back, the Nokia people had erased all of her files. This means, 
she also lost her loadstone databases and checkpoint files.

Now she still has the files she had on her old phone, which we can send to 
the new one again. But some points she added lately will be lost. However: I 
also have added those points.

Now my question: If I send her my checkpoint files, will the new points be 
added to her database automatically, or do I have to send her the new points 
individually? Or is it not necessary to have all checkpoints in a database?

Best greetings,


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