[Loadstone] WAAS/EGNOS question

Emanuel Boboiu (Manu) emanuelboboiu at gmail.com
Sat May 29 07:55:42 BST 2010

Does EGNOS work for somebody?
If yes, which is the acuracy?
I activated it, but it never was fixed.

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> There are a couple reasons for this default. Some receivers just don't 
> support this (that's getting rarer these days). Also, in europe turning 
> this on (egnos in this case) could sometimes produce less accurate 
> results. The egnos system was in testing a few years ago so it didn't make 
> sence to have this on by default. This situation may also have changed. 
> You can just change this behaviour in settings if you want your receiver 
> to use waas by default.
> On Fri, 28 May 2010, Jim Noseworthy wrote:
>> Hi Folks:
>> What would be the reason that Loadstone defaults to turning
>> WAAS/EGNOS off at startup?
>> Thanks all over the place gang.
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