[Loadstone] WAAS/EGNOS question

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Fri May 28 22:54:55 BST 2010

There are a couple reasons for this default. Some receivers just don't 
support this (that's getting rarer these days). Also, in europe turning this 
on (egnos in this case) could sometimes produce less accurate results. The 
egnos system was in testing a few years ago so it didn't make sence to have 
this on by default. This situation may also have changed. You can just 
change this behaviour in settings if you want your receiver to use waas by 

On Fri, 28 May 2010, Jim Noseworthy wrote:

> Hi Folks:
> What would be the reason that Loadstone defaults to turning
> WAAS/EGNOS off at startup?
> Thanks all over the place gang.

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