[Loadstone] suggestion for loadstone tools

Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com
Thu May 27 13:48:02 BST 2010


I have a suggestion for the loadstone offline tools, and the loadstone 
command line tools createdby Lex I believe his name is.
If a programmer out there can make my suggestion a reality it would make 
it much much easier for newbies to download maps and points of interest 
for their areas.
Ok, lets combine the open streetmaps converter, the google route 
generater, and the command line database importer mklsdb program with a 
file zip/unzip utility. Let me give you an example of how the  tool 
would work. You wantt a map and points of interest for a specific address.
1. go to the map-maker tool lets call it map-maker for now. It'll be a 
link, it'll be an offline tool that accesses internet for google route 
and pois generator and to get the openstreetmap data.
2. enter your address, hit next button on website.
3. it asks you how big of a radius, lets enter 99km.
4. hit next.
5. It asks you if you wish to plan a route and or add points of interest 
from groute, now? yes or no button. hit yes.
6. enter starting and ending address. do the route planner in the normal 
way. then hit next. it asks you if you want to add another route or more 
points of interest from google route, if you hit yes it'll let you do 
more, adding separate files and storeing them for zipping, later. you 
can do as much as you want, adding different addresses, zip codes, 
points of interest, countries and so on.
7. when done, hit finnish.
8. now sit back and wait a while. now a download page comes up asking 
you to download maps.zip. while you wait the tool takes the following 
actions. it separates the database ffiles and checkpoints files 
containing any routes you may have fed it, into their own folders in 
preparation for zipping, later. the wizard also has buttons for adding 
nokia maps files csv files and stuff for conversion into databases.
ok so you ggave it all the info you want to. now as you wait the tool 
separates checkpoints from databases, it takes the databases and imports 
all of them into binary databases that loadstone can read. now after its 
done doing that, it takes the maps folder containing both the original 
text and binary files, unless you told the wizard to delete the text 
databases, it takes the folder full of all the databases, and the folder 
full of all your checkpoint route files you entered, and sticks them in 
a zip file then gives you the download link. to make it even easier to 
put maps routes and points of interest in your phone, it names the 
databases folder, and checkpoints folder the correct names so all you do 
is copy and overwrite the folders already there inside the phone.
file names:
this super loadstone tool names files like this. streetmaps are given a 
name based on the address you entered. it names the files based on the 
city, if none exists then it uses address line one as the file name. if 
only a zip is given it uses that like reading.txt or 19988.txt . or 
reading-pois.txt so you know that file contains points of interest from 
groute. I am not a programmer, nor do I have the time as I'll be in 
school very soon. oh and also the wizard lets you combine several 
databases into one big database before converting to loadstone binary. I 
think such a tool would greatly simplify streetmap data importing and 
points of interest gathering. it would make it much simpler.


Josh Kennedy jkenn337 at gmail.com

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