[Loadstone] a question for qstarz btq-818x users

Ömer Yeşiltaş yesiltas1981 at gmail.com
Tue May 25 22:51:23 BST 2010

Hi all, i am using qstarz btq-818x 66 channel gps reciever for a while and i have noticed that the battery time of the device does not long as it is told in product manual.
İ have talked to a Qstarz staff last night and got this answer: The btq-818x works in 2 different hzs. One is 1hz and the other is 5hz. He tried to send an image showing it but i said i was blind so did not get the image file. 
But i have learnt that this hz can be set using the switch button of the device. As most users notice, the switch has 2 stages. He told me that when i want to switch the device on, if i leave it on the first stage, the device works in 1hz and and if i take it to the second stage, it works on 5hz. He says the difference between 2 is in 1hz the device receives the signal in 1 sec, 0.2 sec in 5hz. He says the device consumes battery more when it is set to 5hz. 
But i noticed that the accuracy was a bit higher in 1hz mode. Does anyone have information about this matter?
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