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Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Tue May 18 03:49:28 BST 2010

> 1.  As  I have created my own online tool and bound it to a key with a 1
> parameter in the appropriate function, I'd like to know if this count is
> static?  What may change it: importing new tools rather than creating them?
The tool's id isn't really static. If a tool above it is deleted then all 
the ids below the deleted tool will shift upward. Maybe there'll be a better 
way to handle this at some point but I can't think of one at the moment.
> 2.  Tools seem to have no 'creator' as do points.  Is this intentional,
> meaning the sharing of tools isn't as advised as the sharing of points?
Tools aren't like points, they're just a url with a name for easy reference. 
They're not in the point share and aren't imported like points. They don't 
even have to have anything to do with loadstone, you could use this feature 
to launch any website, google, facebook, anything you want. If the website 
is of some use to loadstone so much the better.
> 3.  Does the order of tools  fall alphabetically, numerically (by ID), date
> etc and does this impact anything?
The order of tools is just the order they're listed in the online_tools 
file. It really doesn't effect anything unless you have a key mapped to an 
online tool with a number.
> 4.  If there are 3 tools and the middle one is deleted will the third still
> be ID 3?  Will the next created be 4 or 2? Does this hold for imports?  If
> 2, will the second next then go to 4 as usual, even if more than one tool
> was imported at once?
See the explanation above. Tools aren't imported, if you receive an online 
tools file then it will be loaded, not merged with the existing ones.
> 5.  I have bound online_tools 0 (the list) to a shifted long number (6 in my
> case).  However if I press 6 too lightly I get the short function (I think
> it's latitude), but too heavily and the search box of my tool list is
> prepopulated with a number 6.  An inadvertent tap on 6 in a similar box
> would usually result in an m, not a 6.  is this my fault in some way - I am
> maybe being too heavy-handed?
Well, it's possible to be too heavy handed in this case and that's easy to 
do. To prevent this mark the key as longrelease instead of long and then 
it'll wait until the key is released to trigger.
> 6.  The browser instance invoked from an Online tool seems modal - I cannot
> seem to distinguish between it and Loadstone
> in my phone's task list, and can only use one at once.  This is no concern,
> the only issue that arises is if having  navigated further than the landing
> page of any tool, key2  becomes "back" rather than "close" and returning to
> Loadstone itself becomes more arduous. Much of this is the phone's browser,
> I realize, I just wondered if there was any comment.
Unfortunately this is how symbian does things, it's called embedding. The 
launched process doesn't show up in the task list (and apparently there's no 
other way to find it either). My comments on this are it's pure stupidity on 
symbian's part to have a process launch that the system basically won't show 
to the user or even other programs. The phone's browser has many 
shortcommings that make the user experience a lot less than it could be.
> 7.  Between writing these I first manually added my custom Tool to my
> partner's phone, then bluetoothed her my tools file (being certain the tools
> were named differently).  The original hand-entered tool seems to have
> vanished without a trace: is this a conflict of the number (i.e. tool 1
> being in hers and me sending a tool 1 from mine), an intentional way of
> doing things, or something that should not have happened?

The received file would have been loaded, not imported. The ability to merge 
is on the todo list but for now there's just load.
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