[Loadstone] Query on connecting with internal gps receiver onnokia n79

Kit goldeneagle74 at gmail.com
Mon May 17 18:32:37 BST 2010

Hi there,

1.  Under Loadstone Setting, GPS setting, make sure you have selected source 
to Phone.

2.  Under phone tools / setting / general / positioning / positioning 
method, make sure Assisted and Integrated GPS is checked and others 

3.  For this step, only do it if you are not using a unlimited package on 
your phone provider.  Under Tools / setting / general / positioning / 
positioning server, for positioning server use, change it to "Always Ask". 
If you using unlimited package, leave it as automatically.

4.  Since you have not connected before, to make the connecting easier for 
the first time, under loadstone, go to Option, GPS / then Find GPS.  If the 
option Find GPS is not in the list, select Disconnect GPS first.  Perform 
the same step again, then in Find GPS, select Assisted GPS.  You will 
receive a warning that you trying to connect and charges will incur, just 
select Yes.  Data transfer will be about 7 to 10kbs.  So check how much will 
this cost from your mobile provider.

5.  Make sure you are outdoor when trying step 4.  Once you get connected, 
again go under Option, GPS and select disconnect.  After disconnecting, 
again go to the GPS menu, then select Find GPS and for this time, select 
Integrated GPS.  Even if before this you fail to connect using Integrated 
GPS, since you have performed Step 4, using Assisted GPS, you should be able 
to connect with no problem now.  If you find signal ok, then again under the 
GPS menu, select "Save as default GPS".  Every time you run Loadstone, it 
will try to use Integrated GPS to connect automatically.

 6.  If you have tried step 4 and still cannot connect for many minutes, the 
internal system have gone hay wire, mixed up.  Off your phone, remove 
battery and SIM card, leave it for few minutes and then put everything back. 
This time, Step 4, using Assisted GPS will sure work.  At times, you might 
need to perform step 6 especially if you have installed new programs which 
is using the WIFI or Internet Access.

7.  If after connecting and getting signal and out of sudden, it says 
connection error, make sure you off blue tooth if it's on.  This conflict is 
not on all sets, but it could happen.  Make sure blue tooth is off and 
restart phone.

   8.  I noticed as well that it's good just to let your GPS get connected 
every morning, maybe just journey to work.  The more frequent you use it, 
the easier and faster it will connect even by just using Integrated GPS.  I 
could get connected in the rage of 1 to 3 minutes.

9.  If using Integrated GPS connects well with no problem at all, repeat 
Step 3, go to positioning method but this time, disabled Assisted GPS.  This 
will avoid you being accidentally charge when you in GPS applications with 
no option to select or choose between Assisted or Integrated GPS.

All the best!

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It happens when you connect your device for the first time and after
you get your first connectivity, you should not have this issue. Even
if you get a signal, your internal receiver will not get more than 7
or 8 satalites. So the best option would be to get an external
receiver. Significantly, Connection will quickly drop when you enter
tall buildings and I gues it is mostly the case in your city.


On 16/05/2010, saidarshan bhagat <saidarshan786 at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
> Hi List,
> As I am a new member, I should introduce myself to all members of this
> list.
> My name is Sai, I am from Mumbai India , Due to glaucoma I lossed my 
> vision
> 3 years back. Presently i work for Siemens.
> Now let me directly hit my question regarding loadstone.
> Recently I bought nokia n79 and installed loadstone on the same.
> I have gone through the help documentation to get started with this
> programme.
> Now whenever I am selecting internal gps connection from gps menue I am
> getting “No signal” messege. Initially I felt its because of tall 
> buildings
> but later on have faced same issue under clear open sky.
> Satelite indicator is showing “0 of 4” sometime shows “0 of 4/5”.
> Due to this I am not able to save any point and unable to use loadstone 
> for
> navigation.
> Though I have started with CellMonitoring and its really helps me to
> navigate.
> Do I need to activate any option to use internal gps ?
> Please help me to resolve this issue , Please guide me to use internal gps
> receiver for loadstone.
> As I am new with this application my question may be silly, Sorry for 
> that.
> I hope all my expert friends will help me to resolve this and very soon I
> will be able to use loadstone on the way to my office.
> Thanks in advance.
> With best regards.
> Sai.
> +91 9820 223489.
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