[Loadstone] Online tools questions

Sean Randall seanr at randylaptop.com
Sun May 16 21:39:15 BST 2010


I'm going to regret asking these as I can't read the response or anything
until at least Saturday but nothing ventured...

Before I launch, I'd like to  extend a huge thank you to the team for such
dedication, diligence and superior work.  Now to the questions! :^

1.  As  I have created my own online tool and bound it to a key with a 1
parameter in the appropriate function, I'd like to know if this count is
static?  What may change it: importing new tools rather than creating them?

2.  Tools seem to have no 'creator' as do points.  Is this intentional,
meaning the sharing of tools isn't as advised as the sharing of points?

3.  Does the order of tools  fall alphabetically, numerically (by ID), date
etc and does this impact anything? 

4.  If there are 3 tools and the middle one is deleted will the third still
be ID 3?  Will the next created be 4 or 2? Does this hold for imports?  If
2, will the second next then go to 4 as usual, even if more than one tool
was imported at once?

5.  I have bound online_tools 0 (the list) to a shifted long number (6 in my
case).  However if I press 6 too lightly I get the short function (I think
it's latitude), but too heavily and the search box of my tool list is
prepopulated with a number 6.  An inadvertent tap on 6 in a similar box
would usually result in an m, not a 6.  is this my fault in some way - I am
maybe being too heavy-handed?

6.  The browser instance invoked from an Online tool seems modal - I cannot
seem to distinguish between it and Loadstone 

in my phone's task list, and can only use one at once.  This is no concern,
the only issue that arises is if having  navigated further than the landing
page of any tool, key2  becomes "back" rather than "close" and returning to
Loadstone itself becomes more arduous. Much of this is the phone's browser,
I realize, I just wondered if there was any comment.

7.  Between writing these I first manually added my custom Tool to my
partner's phone, then bluetoothed her my tools file (being certain the tools
were named differently).  The original hand-entered tool seems to have
vanished without a trace: is this a conflict of the number (i.e. tool 1
being in hers and me sending a tool 1 from mine), an intentional way of
doing things, or something that should not have happened?

Thanks much, I realize with a new release there's always a lot of teething
issues and I will confess I haven't had much time to read  through the
documentation in completeness.  I did read the release notes and some new
parts of the material, of course.

Thanks for any answers,


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