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Sean Randall seanr at randylaptop.com
Sun May 16 12:45:07 BST 2010


Thanks for not slapping me down I think!

It's great, the level of openness and sharing around here.  I seriously only
hacked something up very quickly for my own personal use, but being able  to
do that much is in no small part thanks to Loadstone's development efforts. 

I'm  not part of the beta team, so please remember my comments are that of
an end user and nothing else, I've received a few private messages seeming
to think I have some inside knowledge just because I used a new feature.
I'll help out anyone where I can, of course, but I am a mere mortal.


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Hi All,

Just to say that we're hoping to make some Online Tools available at some
point in the not to distant future but in the mean time there's nothing
preventing others from creating tools like Sean did.


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