[Loadstone] Query on connecting with internal gps receiver on nokia n79

saidarshan bhagat saidarshan786 at yahoo.co.in
Sun May 16 08:07:15 BST 2010

Hi List,
As I am a  new member, I should introduce myself to all  members of this list.
My name is Sai, I am from Mumbai India , Due to glaucoma I lossed my vision 3 years back. Presently i work for Siemens. 
Now let me directly   hit my question regarding loadstone.
Recently I bought nokia n79 and installed loadstone on the same.
I have gone through the help  documentation to get started with this  programme.
Now whenever I am selecting  internal gps   connection from gps menue I am getting “No signal” messege. Initially I felt its because of tall buildings but later on have faced same issue under clear open sky.
Satelite indicator is showing “0 of 4” sometime shows “0 of 4/5”.
Due to this I am not able to save any point and unable to use loadstone for navigation.
Though I have started with CellMonitoring and its really helps me to navigate. 
Do I need to activate any option to use   internal gps ?
Please help me to resolve this issue , Please guide me to use internal gps receiver for   loadstone.
As I am new with this application my question may be silly, Sorry for that.
I hope all my expert friends will help me to resolve this and very soon I will be able to use loadstone on the way to my office.
Thanks in advance.
With best regards.
+91 9820 223489.

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