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Sean Randall seanr at randylaptop.com
Sat May 15 23:14:50 BST 2010


I don't know quite how the developers intended the tools to work, though you
can pass Loadstone variables to the URL and get the resultant output in your
browser (or, presumably given the new mime type integration, into Loadstone
almost directly). 

Because I've had little time to play with it and am going on Holiday for a
week I thought I'd hack myself a quick "online tool" to tweet whilst adding
geo coordinats.  These are just normal tweets with latitude and longitude

I did it in PHP on the server end and passed out the info from Loadstone
with the end of my URL being something like

I don't know of any Loadstone-specific tools up there and ready for use yet,
though I'm sure there'll be some.  There are other online services that can
make use of specific lat and long data - some of the APIs at geonames.org,
for instance. 

Forgive any errors, been out and busy so not perhaps on a level with  all
the docs.



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   Hi all, what are exactly the online tools? As there is no data by
default, and one can insert whatever website wants, how to import the maps
directly to the loadstone from some sites?
          Miloš Pržic
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