[Loadstone] fun statistics

monty at loadstone-gps.com monty at loadstone-gps.com
Fri May 14 14:46:16 BST 2010

Some statistics for those who might be interested:

As of today, the web site has had 66601 hits from unique IP addresses. 
Very few of those web surfers visited site Advertisements that by the way
help support the Loadstone GPS project.

Loadstone GPS version 0.72 was the active version for 1 year and 3 weeks. 
During that time it was downloaded 6881 times.  Since many Loadstone users 
receive the application from a friend or through other channels than the 
Loadstone web site, this number does not accurately reflect the number of 
Loadstone users.

18% (1256 people) downloaded Loadstone GPS V0.72 for Nokia Series60 1st 
edition handsets.

9% (600 people) downloaded Loadstone GPS V0.72 for Nokia Series60 2nd 
edition handsets.

73% (5025 people) downloaded Loadstone GPS v0.72 for Nokia Series60 3rd 
edition handsets.

The Loadstone GPS version 0.72 source code was downloaded 1272 times but 
very few people worked on this code and submitted patches.

Users from at least 114 countries downloaded Loadstone GPS with the top 20 
countries having the following break-down:

Germany 15%
United States 11%
United Kingdom 8%
India 5%
South Africa 4%
Romania 4%
Italy 3%
Netherlands 3%
Indonesia 2%
Canada 2%
Poland 2%
China 2%
France 2%
Malaysia 2%
Australia 2%
Austria 2%
Czech Republic 2%
Russia 1%
Spain 1%
94 other countries less than 1%

I rounded the above percentages so even though there is a pile of 
countries with 2% they are ranked in order of downloads.

So, spread the word and get others using Loadstone to push the Germans out 
of top spot!

also, it should be noted that by no means am I a statistician and the 
above is not scientific or probably even accurate but it's interesting 

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