[Loadstone] point share exchange, get points by civic location

tempjayren at gmail.com tempjayren at gmail.com
Tue May 11 09:04:51 BST 2010

this is interesting. i selected all the comboboxes, entries in them.

united states, florida, countyname (i can't spell it i just know what it 
sounds like, starts with o and is not orange o'see'ola is how it sounds)
then the add button becomes available, so i hit that like you would.
and it says the page at 'address' says 2483
where address is the address of the page that processes the pointshare 
entries and 2483 is just that, a 4 digit number.
i switched counties to another one i lived in and got another number 
very close to the one i hav. say i had 2483, this other county gave me 
2482, it was right up close to the first county in the combobox list of 
does it mean that county 1 has 2482 points and county 2 has 2483 points? 
this seems most unlikely with both counties being as close to each other 
as they are.
what's going on here?

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