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Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.net
Sun May 9 22:46:33 BST 2010

Personally I have found the archives of any mailing list to be a difficult 
resource to navigate at the best of times.

Whilst the archives themselves are easy to browse, the noise from new users, 
(and the noise from long-time users I even point at this post for that) the 
incorrect subject lines and the gems of information hidden in seemingly 
unrelated posts are an obstacle to getting information in a timely manner.

We have mailing list archives for the Cisco academy for the Vision impaired 
and whilst all the information is there, (no question about that) a user has 
4 years of posts to sift through to find the good stuff.

eveng keying a search on keywords you think should exist might not yield 
what you want.
It's a daunting task indeed for a new user to scan years worth of archives 
in the hopes of retrieving a few gems of required knowledge that will fill 
in the holes in their understanding.
Many projects opt for a wiki to combat this but that requires people with 
the time and inclination to maintain it.

I recall feeling somewhat dispirited at the thought of re-reading the 
documentation to find out what has changed since 0.69. I'll probably grin 
and bare it but how many people won't?

I was thinking a few podcasts or audio tutorials might help a new user get 
up to speed faster, at least get the users to a point where they feel 
comfortable enough using loadstone to learn more.

If I record any i'll let the list know.
It has been my experience that no matter how much we rant rave scold scream 
and complain many users don't learn well from written documentation.
They either want to be shown, have it taught to them or had their hand held 
during the learning process.
This can be laziness sure, but often a more practical method of instruction 
is how many people learn.

Also the "I want to know _now_" how to do this mindset in today's society 
often undermines the learning process. It took me 2 days to get comfortable 
with the basics of loadstone in the beginning, and probably 2-3 weeks to 
really get the hang of the system and I learn relatively quickly generally 

I'm patient to know that things that are likely to change my life are going 
to take time to learn and integrate.

I had no idea there were bus and ferry and train stops in the pointshare for 
Brittain and i've been on this list since late 2006. I'll certainly take a 
look through the archives and see what I find.
In Perth Western Australia there are few points in pointshare if any, and 
whilst I intend to add some for many of us who have resigned ourselves to 
living in an area with poor map data it's difficult to get the motivation to 
look unless you know there is something to find.
For example openstreetmap has nothing in my area and the google stuff is a 
recent adition.
Our points were done by hand on buses trains and walking for the most part, 
with my partially sighted wife at the time putting them in with a bluetooth 

We also managed points from the street directory extracting them with ozi 
explorer. Not a task a new user is likely to undertake and impossible 
without some sight.

Regards, Kerry.

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> It always baffles me when I read misinformation on this list!  UK bus 
> stops, train stations, ferry ports and taxi ranks have all been available 
> for a number of years.  Train stations since 2004 (when I created them) 
> and the other transport points for the past 2.5 years!
> If people would only use the Point Share Exchange, or read the archives!
> Monty

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