[Loadstone] Looking for guidence to learn and evaluate Loadstone

Jeff Kenyon jkenyon7 at rochester.rr.com
Sun May 9 17:33:15 BST 2010

Hi everyone, I am still learning Loadstone, and it just so happens today I'm 
going on a walk around Rochester, NY near my house as I just added about 500 
or so new POIs.  I still am wanting though to figure out how I can get my 
hands on a map that covers a wider geographical region as far as cities and 
POIs goes.  With Trekker and Wayfinder that pretty much came with it all.
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> Dale,
> I think with the current version of Loadstone you do have to download them
> to your computer and send them to the phone.
> Personally I've not used Loadstone for walking routes, but I find it
> invaluable for trains and public transport.
> Sean.
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> Good morning.
> I have been looking at this application for some time. I have Wayfinder
> Access but never got very good at it because of the continuous and rather
> high Internet access costs each and every time it is used and because it
> won't allow deviation from it's predetermined routes which are not always
> the most direct or convenient choices. Of course the future of Wayfinder 
> is
> now determined.
> I downloaded and installed Loadstone onto my N73 phone remarkably easily 
> and
> connected immediately with my Hollux 1000 immediately.
> I have been to the Tools section of the Web site and here I am becoming a
> little confused.
> Do I understand that I can select a region and download it to my computer
> then transfer it to my phone?
> I do see that I can acquire coordinates for an address, that seems to be
> pretty accurate, must I enter that manually or can I somehow push that to
> the phone electronically?
> Your patience and forbearance will be most appreciated. While I have quite 
> a
> bit of computer experience it is to get things done, not because I enjoy 
> the
> frustrations of fiddling with the darn things.
> Thank you for this and doubtless future assistance.
> Dale leavens.
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