[Loadstone] Looking for guidence to learn and evaluate Loadstone

Dale Leavens dleavens at puc.net
Sun May 9 16:03:43 BST 2010

Good morning.

I have been looking at this application for some time. I have Wayfinder Access but never got very good at it because of the continuous and rather high Internet access costs each and every time it is used and because it won't allow deviation from it's predetermined routes which are not always the most direct or convenient choices. Of course the future of Wayfinder is now determined.

I downloaded and installed Loadstone onto my N73 phone remarkably easily and connected immediately with my Hollux 1000 immediately.

I have been to the Tools section of the Web site and here I am becoming a little confused.

Do I understand that I can select a region and download it to my computer then transfer it to my phone?

I do see that I can acquire coordinates for an address, that seems to be pretty accurate, must I enter that manually or can I somehow push that to the phone electronically?

Your patience and forbearance will be most appreciated. While I have quite a bit of computer experience it is to get things done, not because I enjoy the frustrations of fiddling with the darn things.

Thank you for this and doubtless future assistance.

Dale leavens.
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