[Loadstone] question aboot greating points

Sean Randall seanr at randylaptop.com
Sat May 1 14:24:56 BST 2010


If you save a point from commencement, it will be stored at the position you
pressed the save point key or menu item.  So, if you press it just as your
bus stops or you walk at the point you want, you have time to type in the
name without the position changing.

If you choose to save from current,, it uses the position of the receiver
when you press save, I believe.  This may be useful if you've already named
your point, and you are just waiting for the gps to be in the right place
before saving.

Hope this is all right,



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I have a question

If i create a point, there are two choices:

Save using corrent and from commensement

What are theyr differences?



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