[Loadstone] Importing database problem as it happens to me

Milos Przic milos.przic at gmail.com
Sat May 1 00:20:55 BST 2010

   Hi all,
   So that's how it happens to me when I try to import the ldb file. Tell me if there is something wrong, or if I should correct something, and I am going to describe everything I do in detail, step by step:
1. I go to the geonames.org site and download the csv file I need.
2. I open the file using notepad as the quotes are not seen when the file is openned using the excel.
3. I delete the first line of the table that says "point id point name latitude longitude", so that the first line is the point id.
4. Then I press the ctrl+h to go to the find and replace option, and in the find field I write the quote sign (").
5. The replace with field remains blank, so that the all quote signs are deleted.
6. Then I save the changes to the file.
7. Then I open the loadston poi converter.
8. I input my email address, I select the file and choose the geonames to ldb among the formats in the combo box, and click "submit".
9. I get the exact number of the converted points (more then 0, without any error), and click the download file link.
10. I move the resulting ldb file in the inportexport folder in my phone.
11. I make a new database in order not to manage the default database.
12. I import the file, and get the messages that the pois are imported. The number is the same as on the resulting page of the converter.
13. I press 0 to activate the exploration mode, but there are no points!
   That's it. Now what's wrong? Is it a bug or my mistake?
   Thanks all in advance, and I appologize for so long message, but I had to explain as I will need this maps in the very neer future.
   Best regards!
          Milos Przic
msn: milos.przic at gmail.com
skype: Milosh-hs

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