[Loadstone] Where am I?

Vetrivel Adhimoolam vadhimoolam at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 15:00:29 BST 2010

Actually loadstone gives you better info than way finder. Press the 0 key on the main screen and it will tell you the nearest point stored in your databases. You can use numbers to explore other nearest points in different directions. For example, way finder only tells me george washington bridge as my location under where an I, but loadstone under exploration mode lists my apartment as the nearest point.



Produced in my Nokia N82 via T-mobile internet using "Talks", a screen reader for S60 phones.

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Subject: [Loadstone] Where am I?
From: "Sean Randall" <seanr at randylaptop.com>
Date: 03/28/2010 9:33 AM

Hi all,

A question for the loadstone developers, mainly, or anyone else who has
input of course.

The one feature I found very useful whilst travelling with Wayfinder was the
Where Am I? it was supposed to give you a road.  Often I found it would only
give me a city or region, and if I didn't have a fix, of course I'd get

The Google maps API provides a  way for coordinates to be turned into a
textual location.  For instance yesterday when I got off the train my
coordinates were 52.7117,-2.75. I could get these easily enough with shift 5
and 6.

When I put these into Qwitter (a pc-based twitter client which uses the maps
API for geo-location of people's tweets), I ended up with Shrewsbury,
Railway Station (adj), Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY1 2, UK.
That's much more than I'd have gotten with wayfinder, I suspect it would
just have said "Shrewsbury".

Obviously this is a very useful function generally, but that increases a
hundredfold when you're on the move. It's not perfect, The Lord Street stop
of Kerry's Transperth feed comes up as 16 Rudge Pl, Lockridge WA 6054,
Australia, for instance.  But any port in a storm.

Obviously people have managed without the function in loadstone, and it
would involve making Loadstone use a data connection.  I'm almost tempted to
try and hack something up in Python for s60, but I don't know if you can get
at the Internal GPS functions of a phone via that route.  If there's a way
this could be added, though, it would certainly increase my productivity out
and about.

I'm sorry if it's been requested before, I really should have looked at the
list archives.  I just saw how quick it was to use on the PC (enter
coordinates, get a placename).  Loadstone can already do the first half of


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