[Loadstone] google transit data for Perth

Geetha Shamanna geetha at millernorbert.de
Sun Mar 28 13:58:36 BST 2010

You can import and save several databases on your phone -- one for the train 
stations, one with walking routes and one with bus stops, and so on -- and 
load whichever database you require for a particular journey. It is not 
necessary to import databases every time you need to use them.

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I have only used Loadstone for the train journeys, not for walking anywhere
else, so haven't worked out methods for dealing with both.

However, even with over 2000 stations in my database, I was quickly able to
checkpoint the ones along my route and have only those in my view, as it

I was wondering, if I also began using Loadstone for local walking routes,
if it mightn't be better to have the railway info in a separate  database I
could import as and when I needed it. This may mean that at the start of a
day's travel I have to import that data, but it would also mean I didn't
have to go checkpointing local landmarks whenever I was out for a hike.

This sort of modular approach would work quite well for me, I think.  I
could happily keep a variety of databases on my card.  If I didn't, I'd soon
have stations, bus stops, big trees, hard-to-recognise road turnings and all
sorts of random junk scattered throughout my database, wouldn't I?  Or am I
missing something?


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I provide the following in the hopes that potentially some of this data
might make it into pointshare.
I'm no programmer however the .csv looks usable for something.
I'm dreaming about something that could give me checkpoints along a bus
route but even a pile of bus stops would be nice.
A pipe dream perhaps however this data is maintained by transperth and
should be accurate. I can certainly test some of it if required around bus
stop 15781
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Linda reminded me to mention the Transperth data feed that makes Google
Transit work. The page you want is:


Which as well as linking to Google's page containing the Transit Feed
Specification (which may give your screen reader a bit of a workout), it
links to the data file itself:


This zip file contains text files which upon closer examination are actually
emminently parsable CSV. I expect stops.txt will be most useful to you. For
example it can tell you that stop 15682 is called "Lord Street After Harper
Street", and is located at -31.883,115.956 (albeit with another ten digits
of precision).

Hope This helps!
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Regards, Kerry.

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