[Loadstone] pint share exchange possible errors

tempjayren at gmail.com tempjayren at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 23:00:33 GMT 2010

I'm going to be acquiring a phone for running loadstone on in the 
relatively near future and I wanted to get points of counties that I 
would visit in my state.
drilling down as the thing suggested, I selected what counties I wanted, 
in florida, those would have been leon, orange and another one I know by 
hearing though do not know how to spell, hehehe.
After I clicked add, a dialog box would pop up saying a 4 digit number, 
it was different for each county.
Then, after I did this, I hit the next button and the export page came 
up asking me for a point, as if i had selected nothing previously.
My browser of choice is firefox if that makes a difference.

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