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Tue Mar 9 18:45:05 GMT 2010

Hi Igor,

While it is true that Symbian is now Open-Source, publisher certificates 
are still required to publish Symbian software and must be purchased. 
Development certificates are still free.

Think of it this way.  Your phone  contains firmware from Nokia and often 
customised  by your mobile provider.  This firmware is in part made up of 
binaries from the Symbian O/S.  The fact Symbian  is Open-Source has 
nothing to do with the firmware on your phone.


On Tue, 9 Mar 2010, Igor B. Poretsky wrote:

> Hello!
> Please, clear me some things if it is possible. I heard that Symbian
> has become open source. Doesn't it mean that developer's certificates
> have not to be purchased anymore?
> Excuse me if my question can be treated as off-topic.
> Best regards,
> Igor.
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