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Wed Jun 16 22:48:01 BST 2010

users, but from the other side the fact that somebody wants to steal all map
data from Google using it can lead to situation that Google will change the
query interface or make an other moves leading to stopping the groute
I don't want such changes to be connected in any way with Loadstone
initiative or blind community in any aspect.
Maybe the best sollution is to wait until end of work of pointshare group,
and integrate the tool in the authorised way into the pointshare site? I
don't know.
So, as in the beginning of this tool, I'd like to hear from community what
to do with it - it would be nice if people from the Loadstone-gps team would
say a word about it too.
Greetings, Greg.
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Subject: [Loadstone] To the grout author,are there any plans to open source

> I'm not sure if the grout author is still on this list but figure this
> is the best place to try. With the issues people have been having and
> the limited availibility of grout I was wondering if it would be
> possible to open source grout so multiple servers can be run and
> technically inclined individuals can run there own copy?
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