[Loadstone] Groute and the online tools

Kit goldeneagle74 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 17 07:58:45 BST 2010

Hi there,

How do I install the online tools into my LS please?  I went into 
Online_Tools and it says no data.  If I could get connected using WI FI, 
what must I do to get those tools please.

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Milos Przic <milos.przic at gmail.com> wrote:

> As I still don't understand how to work with the online tools within
> Loadstone, can someone please give me a step-by-step guide how to make
> Loadstone's online tools download the routes from the groute site?

Just create a little textfile called "online_tools" with the following
content and place it in the LS main folder (for english language):

-----8<----- snip ----->8-----
-----8<----- snip ----->8-----

Or start the online tools in LS and create this entry manually.

Then you have the service available from within LS.


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