[Loadstone] Blue tooth and Internal GPS.

Kit goldeneagle74 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 1 17:25:01 BST 2010


Oh, this happened since the previous version of Loadstone.  I have other 
friends using N79, same firmware, no such problem.

And If it happen once with blue tooth on, there is no way that LS can work 
again, the only way is to off blue tooth and also followed by a restart 
which will then solve the problem.

The first time I discovered this, I removed LS, re install, deleted database 
file, and still happen till I off blue tooth and restarted phone.

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This is the first report of this problem. Is anybody else having this issue?
It could be a bug in your phone's firmware or maybe something specific to
that phone model. If you start loadstone with bluetooth off does this still

On Tue, 1 Jun 2010, Kit wrote:

>    Hi,
> I am using N79 with integrated GPS.  I have noticed that with blue tooth 
> on, even if can get connected to satellite and get signal, after few 
> minutes, LoadStone status will change to "Connection Error, not connected" 
> out of a sudden.
> Even closing and opening LS again will not help.  It will just stay at 
> connection error.  The only way for me to solve this is to off my blue 
> tooth, restart phone and all will be OK.
> Any help please?
> Thanks,
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