[Loadstone] Loadstone with Mobile Speaks 4.5

Paul Shelton pbs at paulshelton.com
Sat Jul 31 18:57:08 BST 2010

I haven't been monitoring the list for a while so my apologies if this has 
already been covered.  Since I've updated to Mobile Speaks 4.5, when I run 
Loadstone 0.74, every keyboard command response will be repeated after the 
next key press.  In other words, if I ask for my heading, if I follow this 
with a request for my altitude, I will hear the heading again.  This results 
in me having to hit every key two times in order to get the information I am 
looking for.  This also makes using the find command a bit difficult.

This same issue exists for my N75 as well as my C5.  Any ideas?

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