[Loadstone] I am doing something wrong with the point converter.

Dale Leavens dleavens at puc.net
Tue Jul 20 05:20:31 BST 2010

I am leaving for Horley in surrey England on Thursday and thought I would try LoadStone there, there are apparently a lot more points of interest and such there according to my data.osm download.

The file is too big for the on-line tool so I downloaded the .zip version and unzipped that. I tried running my data.osm through it but get an error message

No "data.osm" file in htdocs/osm_sql/xml directory

I did find the htdocs directory and an sql directory there but not the rest.

Can someone help me figure out what I am missing here please?

Thanks for your help. I am sure this is easier than I seem to be making it.

Dale Leavens.
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