[Loadstone] Loadstone PointShare/gRoute and databases

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Whether you read the documentation or use skype, it will take more than ten 
minutes for you to get loadstone up and running.  I suggest you go through 
the getting started guide on the website.  I've never used any sort of gps 
before, and this was enough to get me started.  If you have more specific 
questions, I'm sure that we all would like to help.  The getting started 
guide was specifically written to help people load and start using the 

Good luck,

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> Dear Monty,
> I am in India and was using WFA earlier.  Now I want to use loadstone and 
> I find documentation quite cumbersome.  Please do help me by giving me 
> only 10 minutes on skype to explain basics so that I can use it.  Please 
> help.
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>> Hello All,
>> While I was away it seems like there has been a lot of chatter regarding 
>> sources of Loadstone-compatible point resources and I thought I would 
>> clarify a few things - clearing up misinformation that I often see on 
>> this list.
>> There is only 1 officially supported points repository for Loadstone and 
>> it  is called the Loadstone PointShare.
>> There are two ways of accessing the Loadstone PointShare:
>> 1.  Visit: http://www.pse.loadstone-gps.com
>> 2.  Access via the Loadstone-GPS web site
>> The Loadstone PointShare contains points of interest from around the 
>> world.  It is populated by you the users ((if nobody shares then nobody 
>> benefits).  Some users (including members of the Loadstone development 
>> team) have supplied large datasets of points.  These include all road 
>> intersections in Canada and the USA, all transportation stops in the 
>> United Kingdom and thousands of personally created points.  I happen to 
>> know that most of you (yes, even some of you that periotically complain 
>> have not been good little boys and girls and have not shared your 
>> points) - I can include myself in this category at times too!
>> Is there room for improvement on the Loadstone PointShare?  Yes, there's 
>> loads of room for improvement.  A group of volunteers has been setup to 
>> deal with this but lacks leadership and direction at the moment so if 
>> anyone would like to help then please let me know.
>> gRoute and Open StreetMap are not officially supported at this time and 
>> officially have nothing to do with Loadstone.  This might change in the 
>> future but this is the way it is for now.
>> It very much surprises me that so many people over-look the points 
>> available to them  from the Loadstone PointShare.  I realise information 
>> is a bit thin on the ground in most areas of the world  (I myself live in 
>> a country that isn't well-served by the PointShare) but many Loadstone 
>> users live in Canada and the USA and have access to very good 
>> information.
>> Remember that Loadstone does not replace good mobility skills.  The 
>> original intended purpose was for you to mark points along a route when 
>> going somewhere for the first time and then using Loadstone to help 
>> during subsequent trips.
>> Now, with the Internet users can acquire the coordinates for an intended 
>> destination  (on their PC or through Loadstone's newly supported onLine 
>> tool  menu) and plan a route prior to going on it.  In fact to prove how 
>> well this works, last week I was in London (a city that I don't live in 
>> and am not hugely familiar with the streets/areas etc) and I spent the 
>> day independantly wandering around - using Loadstone to guide me with the 
>> help of some points of interest from GoogleMaps.  It was a pleasant 
>> experience and I'm still here to write about it!
>> We continue to put effort into the Online tools area in Loadstone and I 
>> hope to  get time in the near future to continue working on scripts that 
>> can be used in the OnLine tool menu.
>> Thanks, and I hope this clears up some confusio.
>> Monty
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