[Loadstone] Getting into Symbian development

Jerry Matheny starnoble at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 21:42:45 BST 2010

Hello all,

I know this question doesn't pertain directly to Loadstone, but
getting a little advice with this would be a big help. And once I know
more programming I'd be able to help with Loadstone.

But what my question is, is this. How does Loadstone output so that
the screenreader sees the text? I have been messing with PyS60, the
Symbian implementation of Python, and the only way I can really get
the screenreader to automatically read the text is if I do a popup
notification type of thing.

appuifw.note(u"hello world")

And then the screenreader says hello world like it should. The only
thing is, I can't output any other text right after that. Not only
that, but it seems to pause for a few seconds after displaying that
before returning to the application api. I'm guessing this is an issue
with Python? How does Loadstone handle this? I'm trying to get to be
able to write something basic for Symbian, so I can get started, and I
thought Python would be easy to start out with.

Thanks in advance,


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