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Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.net
Fri Jul 16 04:38:26 BST 2010

         Routing algorythms are patented hence their lack in loadstone. 
They are also not easy to implement without stepping on someone elses 
legal toes.
Perhaps the open sourcing of parts of wfa will help here.

There are a number of ways to simulate routing however loadstone does 
not do routing in the same way classical gps programs do.
You can record a route and then feed the route into the breadcrum 
generator in order to get it to generate waypoints with directional 
information in them.

Otherwise you use a series of check points and navigate from point to 
point with directions to the next point being what loadstone provides.
This assumes you have good orientation skills and that you have enough 
points to guide you around mobility hazards.
Regards, Kerry.

On 16/07/2010 10:26 AM, Dale Leavens wrote:
> It isn't easy but first go to the loadstone site and read the manuals. 
> then look at the tools.
> I agree it is difficult to figure out what you need to do but with 
> experimentation it begins to make some sense.
> I have yet to figure out how to get LoadStone to direct me along a 
> root but that is my problem. The documentation isn't organized in that 
> way, it seems to assume one already knows how to do what you need to 
> do to say get from here to there.
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>     Hi Friends,
>     I am in Mumbai and wish to use loadstone.  I have loaded on my N82
>     and am totally blank.  Could someone explain me the basics?  Also
>     now that groute is not working is there no way that we could get
>     maps?  Thank you.
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