[Loadstone] To the grout author, are there any plans to open source grout?

Charlie charlie at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Jul 15 16:59:10 BST 2010

<monty at loadstone-gps.com> wrote:

> It is nice to see the community developing applications, tools and
> solutions to enhance the usefulness of Loadstone.  Community involvement 
> is something we feel quite strongly about.

Full ACK!  Especially this groute tool imho is one of the most helpful
thing in combination with LS.

> I think having folks register for the gRoute service is probably a good
> idea so the script can keep track of who is using it and how many requests 
> are being generated.  You could then lets say as an example limit the 
> number of address lookups to 1 per minute and 60 per day per user and keep 
> within the daily query limits per IP.

Yes,  I agree, I think, this is a suitable solution. I obtained my user/pw
and was able to use groute during the last weeks. But unfortunately the
service seems to be broken now, only a polish page comes up at the moment.
So what's wrong? I strongly hope, this will be fixed soon.

> I think open-sourcing the script would be a good idea.  This will allow
> others to improve it plus make any decisions regarding hosting a service.

I fully agree, so in doubt someone can set up this tool just for his
personal use, another can decide to offer groute as service for a
particular user group, another may offer it for public... this may also be
like some kind of load balancing...

So can someone make this script public and tell us, what exactly to do to
run it on an own webserver? What about a kind of HOWTO?

A few weeks ago I sent Mikolaj a suggestion regarding groute, unfortunately
he seems not to answer his email at the moment.


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