[Loadstone] Can I be told where I am?

Magne Bjørndal magnbjoe at online.no
Wed Jul 14 17:33:03 BST 2010

I have a Nokia N86, which I am using with its built-in GPS. For a few 
days I have tried Loadstone, so I’m not at all an experienced user.

I have entered some points, while walking around where I live (west 
coast of Norway) Now I want to be informed, whenever I approach one of 
these points. I have tried Exploration and Navigation modes, plus 
experimented a bit with different settings under Configuration, without 
being able to obtain this goal.

Do I have to place my points in a list of Checkpoints, and retrieve this 
list before starting to walk? Any other suggestions?

I hope Loadstone can help me to achieve more independence in the future, 
so I’m thankful for answers.

Best regards from

Magne Bjorndal

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